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Thread: Judge miss right for yourself

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    Default Judge miss right for yourself

    It's true that friends and acquaintances may try and influence you based on what they perceive is Miss Right. Don't be fooled into taking their beliefs on as your own. While it's helpful to receive advice, you need to also piece together bits and pieces of it as you see fit. Your buddy who married his high school sweetheart may not have the same insight as a more experienced dater like yourself.

    On the other hand, your pal who's been married and divorced more times than Larry King is probably the wrong guy to look to for relationship hints. Your Miss Right will stand out only to you, not to them.

    By the same token, don't look for a woman who'll be your mother (unless of course, that's your definition of Miss Right. If so, watch the movie Psycho ). It's nice to have someone who takes care of you, but it's also great to have someone that you want to take care of. And speaking of moms, don't make the mistake of being with someone solely because your mother loves her.

    If your parents are still married, ask them how they've managed to navigate the trials and tribulations of their relationship and learn from their experiences.

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    i like this, my parents have been married 23 years and together since they were kids so growing up i know it takes a lot to keep a relationship going strong day after day
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