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Thread: Nova Giovanni's 10 Dating/Relationship Rules to Live By

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    Default Nova Giovanni's 10 Dating/Relationship Rules to Live By

    #1. Fellas, if you ask your girl to make you a sandwich, and she just throws turkey and cheese on some bread...she doesn't love you.

    #2. If you call your girl and she doesn't answer...and texts you back instead, shes cheating on you.

    #3. If you start talking to somebody and they say you have to pick'em up because their car is in the shop...they don't have one.

    #4. Ladies, if you talk to a guy who still lives with his "ex-girlfriend" because they "had a place together and they can't break the lease"... he doesn't sleep on the couch, they are still fukkin...LOL

    #5. If you date a woman that has a child...and she smokes or lets other people smoke around her child...dump her, she doesn't give a damn about her own child's health. So she DAMN sure can't give a damn about you.

    #6.Ladies, if you drive ya man somewhere over 45 miles and he doesn't offer to put gas in ya car or say anything about it on the way there...leave his azz stranded there...hes tryna play you.

    #7. Fellas, if you eat ya girl... try to kiss her, if she FIGHTS you off so you won't kiss her... go STRAIGHT to the hospital, she KNOWS something is wrong with her puss...Ladies, this rule goes for you too...unless he busts in your mouth. Then, he has the right not to kiss you...thats just NASTY!

    #8. Check their medicine cabinet...if you see anything that looks suspicious, go to with your phone and look it up before you do ANYTHING!

    #9. Ladies, if all of your boyfriend's celebrity crushes don't look ANYTHING like you... hes really not attracted to you, he just settled...LOL

    #10. If you start talking to somebody, and ALL they have to say about ALL their exes are the worst things possible. Most likely, they were ALWAYS the problem in their relationships.

    SOURCE @NovaGiovanni
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    so true....great read

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