So on Sunday i decided to spend some time with my family and for some reason the only thing on tv was OchoCinco new show on VH1. So we watched and through out the show my aunt was making comments about how if she was on the show, nobody will fall in love, the girls have low self and why is he only picking the white girls.>>> my facial expression when she was saying all this.

So my cousin who are only 14 and already 6'2 and 6'3 were there with us and she turns and says "dont ya'll bring home no white girls". Now all my life i never knew my aunt to be racist or anything but according to her the only people who go after sports players are white women. I guess she hasnt been aware that gold diggers is not only within one race.

I didnt really say anything because she was sounding really stupid after she was making her comments. All i could do was at her dumbass. I know that many sport celebs marry and date white women but they arent the only ones who are after that particular players money. I wanted to tell her she was wrong but getting into a pointless debate about a dumbass show of some ninja looking for love. Was my aunt wrong to tell my cousins not to bring white women home? Am i wrong to say that white women are not the only women who are gold diggers?