Aight y'all, so here it is ... finally. DJ Dyllemma & I put together over 65 tracks from some of our favorite MCs, who were either on the come-up or established MCs still doin' their thing to to rep for the underground in '09. For all the people who feel like there weren't enough solid releases last year, this mix should fill in the gaps for some of the joints you may have overlooked. DJ Dyllemma & I did our best to showcase what is done on TheUnderGroundComeUp daily, which is rep for artists on the come-up and for the established artists who continue to make quality music - we'll leave the mainstream for the radio! Feedback is appreciated & you can check out the full tracklist included with artwork and contact info in the download folder. Please share it freely if you enjoy. Peace & Love ~ DJ Sav One & DJ Dyllemma