Intuition - Stories About Nothing

Intuition sees the world differently. He extracts humor from the mundane, locates heartache in humor, finds comfort in that heartache, and develops stress out of that same comfort. Where most would see a straight line, he tends to see a circle.

Intuition was raised in North Pole, Alaska but currently resides in Southern California; throughout his travels his love for rap music has flourished and intensified. His list of influences ranges from A Tribe Called Quest all the way to Wu Tang Clan, and in Equalibrum he found a creative partner with a similar breadth of musical vision. The heavily layered, sample-based beats found on Stories About Nothing serve as a mellifluous accompaniment to Intuition's engaging and involved narratives. The interplay is so dynamic and successful that Intuition's vocals often resemble another sample attentively placed over the harmonies by Equalibrum, while the music's groove pushes the intriguing storytelling forward.
01. Story To Tell
02. Forget Today
03. Outside
04. Fix Her Up Her
05. Bye Bye Baby
06. Coming Home (Interlude)
07. Pain & Pleasure
08. Paint the Dawn
09. The Questions
10. Head in the Clouds
11. Destiny
12. Purgatory (Interlude)
13. Panic
14. Foundations
15. Nowhere