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Thread: YBF DIVAS Hit The Stage

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    Default YBF DIVAS Hit The Stage

    Lovely look for Ms. Sparks.  One of my faves for her.

    Wouldn’t have been my pick for Jenny but um, yeah.

    India.Arie came out of hiding

    And Toni Braxton worked the red carpet in this all white long trained gown.

    Colors worked, dress itself didn’t Jenny.

    Leona Lewis was there rocking a victorian number.

    Pretty jewelry.

    Corbin Bleu held it down for the fellas.

    Jordin’s daddy Phillippi Sparks came out to support.

    The Housewives hit the stage for some reason.

    Jenny performed with Stevie Wonder.

    Paula was the host and tried to play like Ellen.

    And over at the afterparty:

    Look up in the sky and tell me what you see
    The clouds, naw nigga, not me
    I see opportunity, I'm a opportunist
    Nigga, you heard what I said, "I'm a opportunist"

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    Default Re: YBF DIVAS Hit The Stage

    paula looks like she a wig on

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