Lots of celebs came out to the 4th Annual Two Kings Dinner that was sponsored by Bing in Dallas last night. The All-Star weekend is coming to a close but the parties are still going on. Drake, LeBron..

Swagger gents LeBron James and Jay-Z

Chris Paul

Diddy before the Dinner with Debra Lee.

Diddy suited up with Russell Simmons.

Pop The Top For More...

To be a fly on the wall to hear Drake and Jay-Z's Convo.

Gayle King having a little fun with two Moguls.

Debra Lee and Drake are all smiles.

A little inside Atmosphere.

Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade. I'm sure their ladies are around.

Drake getting Schooled by Jay-Z and Diddy.

Teyana WTF are you wearing???