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Thread: LUDACRIS WON! His Gorgeous Fiancee is a Med Student!!

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    Default LUDACRIS WON! His Gorgeous Fiancee is a Med Student!!

    Everyone knows that rapper Ludacris loves intelligent women. That’s really all he dates when he decides to get serious about a girl. Luda’s baby mama, Christine, is a well-respected attorney and event planner in Atlanta. And he’s dated other Atlanta business women before settling down with his current flame, a gorgeous Miami med student.

    In a recent interview with Honey magazine, Ludacris’ spoke on his current relationship status, saying “I try to preserve certain things and keep things special, and that is one thing that I would like to keep private.”

    Unfortunately, Ludacris should know that as a superstar rapper, he lives his life under a microscope. His refusal to give up her name or any details about her only whet’s the blogger’s appetite for info on who she is.

    Thanks to loyal reader Carsyn, we know that Luda’s fiancee’s name is Eudoxie and she’s a bilingual med student from Africa who speaks French fluently. She’s a student at the University of Miami and she’s super smart, and very low key. Luda often flies her into Atlanta to spend weekends with him at his home. And when she’s not hitting the books, she accompanies Luda to NBA games and atended his concerts while he was on tour with the Black Eyed Peas.

    Additionally, Eudoxie’s Facebook page is private and she updates her statuses in French. She doesn’t mention Ludacris’ name on her FB page, but she does refer coyly to a “you know who.”

    Prior to snagging Luda, Eudoxie dated a NBA player who you all should know. I’ll share more details later.
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    educated and sexy what a combo

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