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Thread: 9 Greatest Stripper Pole Accident Videos

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    9 Greatest Stripper Pole Accident Videos

    It was tough, but we combed through hundreds of stripper videos to find some of the worst casualties in the history of exotic dancing. No need to thank us, just let this be a lesson to you ladies out there that the pole is not a toy.

    9. It was at that exact second that Susan realized she has NO upper body strength.

    8. Hey, she dances kinda sexy...oh no, nevermind.

    7. Best part? When they show it in slow-mo.

    6. Imagine that, the hanging sheet in the back didn't break her fall.

    5. Seriously people, somebody's gotta start anchoring these things to support beams

    4. So funny. Well, except for the part where she nearly chokes to death. But otherwise, funny.

    3. Wet floor? Check. Drunk girl? Check. Stripper pole? Check. Let's do this.

    2. Wait for it...wait for it.

    1. This was obviously not shot by a Maxim videographer. He would never have put down the camera... or broken up the catfight.

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    lol... who knew swinging around a pole cud be so difficult!

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