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Thread: Nicki Minaj Pink Friday (Artwork)

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    Quote Originally Posted by screwhead View Post
    you didnt have to create an account to look at these pics in this form, but anyway im threw talking to you bout this **** hea.
    Dude, you can be through talking to me all you want. That's NOT going to change reality. Hip Hop and Rap is the most negative musical art form ever created by degrade blacks...loved by whites...because it attracts black people with negative habits and lifestyles.

    Rap is music for the good negroe.

    I was invited to a comedy club last Thursday in Chicago (and went) and everytime between a comedian's set, rap music was played. There were two brothas I knew (one 37, the other 40 years old) who were together who knew the lyrics to every current rap song that was being played that night.

    (rap was created for rebellious teenagers...not grown ass men in their 30's and 40's).

    Anyway, what did they both have in common? both were unemployed, drinking beer, had baby momma drama, the 40 year old didn't have a car, the 37 year old got jumped by 10 dudes at his job a few years ago and to top it off...the club was filled with nothing but big fat overweight sistas who also knew every rap song that was being played that night.

    Needless to say, I left because I didn't fit in with those kind of people.

    - birds of a feather.
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