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i think your wrong for assuming Kanye West and Jay-Z think the album packaging isn't "high standard"... Ye and Hov past the stage of just placing their likeness on a cover to move units.

I remember Jay-Z saying during an interview, he was impressed with Eminem... em didn't have to put his face on 8 mile for it to sell... and it pretty much began from there.

of course, Kanye and Jay want to be successful and would've love to move 1 million units the first week or at least 700,000.

They did promote the album... they promoted it in a cost effective manner...

damaging a maybach = it was a low budget video to begin with... why not make it a normal budget video by damaging the expensive maybach... they'll get huge amount of press... make a BOLD statement... do something that's never been done or imaginable before... then place the car in auction for charity. Can't backlash that no matter how u try.

Spend 250K at Club Liv... this is all alleged... its for press. Do you really believe a 15L bottle of Ace of Spades cost $100,000? No discount at all for Jay-Z huh? No discount if you buy over 75+ bottles in a club, huh? The only thing really about this story is probably the TIP he left behind for the staff. I won't get into the fact..."ace of spades" is a company Jay-Z have ownership stake within. He could've easily got bottles sent to the club... he's promoting his champagne and adding to his power..... with this "I spent $250k in Club LIV... "im the new champ of Most bottles Popped in 1 night" story to consumers

u can't knock em for not having a chorus on their first single... or releasing the video after the album as already available for purchase. If they don't try new ideas... they would had to conform to the typical old business model... They took risks.. that most company's wouldn't. That's all. The whole industry sits back to observe how Jay (& Kanye) moved for this project... then make changes to their way of going about business or just constantly critique. There's been NOTHING typical about the release of this album. They want to see what works... they're at the forefront of this

Now on to the packaging, Kanye and Jay are heavily deep into art... You got to know this if your a true supporter. Its all thru their rhymes... references to artists and (MOMA) Museum of Modern Art ... it may not be attractive to you, but that's what they're on. Blueprint 3 had art for its cover... Kanye West had all the different art works for his singles and for the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fanasty album.... On To The Next One was 1 big art video

... i think i said enough.. pardon any typos.. my finger tips move faster than my mind sometimes.

Opp i am man enuff to recant when a more convincing argument is put forth, so let me say I agree with you. I'd kick maself if I did not also point out that the thing with beautiful art, music, movies, fine and digital art for that matter is that it holds true as long as it leaves the beholder salivating, I know that I for one, a whole bunch of people u wouldn't know really don't feel the artistry on the album cover. Its comes down to a matter of perspective, its good enough as long as you like that sort of thing.