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this is attack of the doulbe standard rearing its ugly head once again......its ok for me to be there ravage these chicks anally, orally, anf other....but when women say i wanna get paid guys get mad....women been made for a long time for being taking advatage of.....now yall done ceated these beasts thats only in the game for one thing
its funny how karma works....men are mad at the monsters they created
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i know thats old, and i got nothin but love for you tight, but you a clown for that
only thing I was wrong for was those dang typos but the main idea still holds true:
ravage chicks anally, orally, and other....but when women say i wanna get paid, guys get mad, if u been alive long enuf im sure u.ve learned by now, u don't get something for nothin