Not even superheroes are above the rules of the road.

Police in Maryland pulled over a black Lamborghini for a routine license plate violation this week, only to find Batman behind the wheel.

But this was no ordinary wannabe Dark Knight. Decked out in a $5,000 replica costume, the copycat Caped Crusader also drove his souped-up ride with Batman symbol license plates – which led to the traffic stop just outside of Silver Spring, Md.

Montgomery County officers were understandably amused by the situation, and even posted pictures online of their encounter with superhero/local businessman Lenny B. Robinson, who was on one of his many trips to visit sick children at Georgetown University Hospital and other area health centers, according to the Washington Post.

Police ordered Robinson to put real license plates on his car but was spared a fine, which thankfully won’t affect the $25,000 he reportedly spends on Batman paraphernalia for kids each year.

“The real superheroes are the children in the hospital. They are fighting every day for their lives,” Robinson said in a Washington Post chat.

As for his choice of superhero, Robinson believes Batman is the one people most easily relate to.
Batman stopped by Maryland cops for routine traffic stop in his Lamborghini - NY Daily News