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Thread: Poppin' In The City: WOMEN of The Club... (4th of JULY WEEKEND Edition)

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    Default Poppin' In The City: WOMEN of The Club... (4th of JULY WEEKEND Edition)

    Look up in the sky and tell me what you see
    The clouds, naw nigga, not me
    I see opportunity, I'm a opportunist
    Nigga, you heard what I said, "I'm a opportunist"

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    Catch Up Newbies Poppin' In The City: WOMEN of The Club... (4th of JULY WEEKEND Edition)
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    Bored and have not done this in a while so (silly break down)

    She is really pretty I adore her

    SHE IS iight, she looks scared in the face. Keep searching the club just one dance to rub on her lil b00ty

    She is also okay, nice b00bies, maybe do a couple of dances. Just by her look she seems like she may have a cool personality


    PHUCK NO she looks like a wierd doll, like a evil murder ninja chick with nice b00bies. What is the guy eating in the background...a bagel

    DAMN you look great, she really looks exotic. A BANGER

    Stank hoes THE DARK SKIN ONE HAS A LOT AF @44, THE LIGHT SKIN ONE HAS A STAN ON HER DRESS, someone spilled something/ she wearing the same dirty dress with yo stank @$$ (hey the stank lightskin one is kind of hot, lets take a shower together)

    Your okay, but no more clubbing for you, just work on being a lovely lady. You look like you may have a career and would look elegant if you are not in this stank @ss atmosphere

    Bag up that face, but hot damn look at that body, dem tiddies

    okay the one with the straight brown black hair looks a little scared and cray cray. Then the one with the curly hair got DAT @$$ but her face is ugly. Switch heads and you have a banger for the scared weird chick.

    IS SHE A ********??? NICE BODY, She got dots on her forehead....

    Aww damn her @ss aint small at all, well the photgrapher seems happy??? I guess I like this chick now

    Well who is this lady bent over showing her stuff, you iight. Her b00ty look smackable
    Look at Juelez with a bottle, he think he cool

    TIDDIES, and yes dude you are caught. I dont think he cares, Im sure he smashed that because she aint caring (I guess there was an all white party)

    Im a just say no

    Its defintly a no, it may have a D!CK

    Well you look bored

    Oh I forgot her name, its her from Love and Hip Hop...I MISS THE TIG OL BITTIES SHE USED TO HAVE.

    YOUR SEXY, I know I made a thread about ya and I saw a video about her, she is hot

    Nice curves kind of a weird face

    She is kind of cute, nice shape body

    THIS ALL WHITE PARTY IS ALL ABOUT TIDDES AND SHE GOT THEM LIKE WOW WOW WOW!!! like two big cakes just wanna bite them. I think her face is iight not ugly just iight


    Sexy cheetah with her friend, they iight Im sure if I saw cheetah in person I would go nuts

    You got that stank face but nice body

    She looks great, but it almost almost almost looks like father and daughter

    Like a crazy lion chick, but she maybe fun in the bedroom

    LEFT (girl in all black) SHE IS SEXY AND IS LIKE "why does this thing have its arm wrapped aound my waist)
    Right (girl in brown) She is also sexy and is like " well Iknow this bittch in white is ugly but she will make me more beautiful
    Middle (the one in white) Im sure she is thinking " I like 1000x betta than these hefas"

    But I would grind on her so phucking hard, her @$$ look so soft...I would regret if i took it any further

    Juelz SANTANA ay ay ay ay ay nigga dont you have kids. The girl next to him is sexy really hot

    just b00bies
    Look at the dude in the background with the cup, he wanna be in the pic

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    Catch Up Newbies Poppin' In The City: WOMEN of The Club... (4th of JULY WEEKEND Edition) ice516tea's Avatar
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    Some nice mature looking ladies then there were the others

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    look me in the eyes while you blow me .

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