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Thread: Rosa Acosta Criticized By Dominicans After Volunteering In Tanzania

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    Exclamation Rosa Acosta Criticized By Dominicans After Volunteering In Tanzania

    On any given day, you can log into Instagram and see models and celebs posting up photos of luxury items, the latest designer wear and expensive trips, but itís not too often that you see folks given back in a major way. Last week, model and dancer Rosa Acosta (who has been focused on selling fitness videos and apparel since announcing she was retiring from the urban modeling game), took a 10-day trip to Tanzania to volunteer at the Living Water Childrenís Center. While there, she has been assisting in feeding the kids and teaching them how to dance, while bringing them gifts and showering them with love. She also has posted photos from her trip and facts about the conditions the kids live under while promoting the centerís website so that her followers can contribute to the cause.
    Youíd think that this was a good thing, but apparently there are a few people out there that had an issue with the fact that sheís helping kids in East Africa and not in the Dominican Republic where she is from. A few days ago, she jumped on Instagram to explain why the Tanzania trip was so important:
    A few of my fellow Dominicans ( who Iím pretty sure have NEVER volunteer once in their life ) have not just ask buy kind of ďdemandĒ as to why Iím volunteering in Tanzania and not DR. ďDR is very poor tooĒ Mmmm NO SH-T Sherlock! I lived there 22 years and most of my family still there so you are not telling Me anything new. Yes DR is very poor, still canít compare to Tanzania, but that is irrelevant since I am NOT here making it rain on the kids. DR might be poor but our culture is much more advance in terms of equal rights for Male/Female.
    In DR Girls are not being circumcised, giving on marriage in exchange of a few cows and chickens to a man much more older than them before they are even born or rape on daily basis by their own father. Girls in DR are able to go to school just like the boys unlike here in Tanzania. So just know that I am here working towards a cause bigger than a few dollars. I am here volunteering my TIME, teaching BALLET and assisting at the school and hospital, and most of all giving the kids LOVE (not money). Now let me tell you about a few things I have done in DR: I volunteer for 5 years at Hogares Luby In Santiago. I had a Ballet school in La Vega with a full scholarship program for talented girls that couldnít afford the classes. But my biggest charity in DR is MY FAMILY. I sent every year what for some of you looks like a year worth of salary. My mother is retire and well taking care of by Me and my brother. So now mis amigos letís take all that energy you put into what I am or should do and use it towards what YOU are doing or SHOULD do. Letís do it together and sing Guan tu guan tu tri fol fai Animo Animo Animo!!! Now go do something nice doesnít matter where. Oh and btw lets not forget that we Dominicans are Africans too donate here: Livingwaterchildren. org or to the group I feed the homeless every Wednesday @wefeedthehungry or go buy a #bodybyrosaacosta and help Me at
    Rosa herself came from very humble beginnings, and although she now can afford pricier things, she continues to give back.
    Back in 2010, rapper Maino slammed her in an interview for wearing cheap shoes, and she responded:
    I am still the same girl that came from the Dominican Republic. My family has never been rich. Iím still not rich. Why would I go and buy a $2000 pair of shoes that I canít afford when I can actually help my family thatís still living in DR, or I can save my money or I could spend money on my education. What is wrong with buying something thatís inexpensive?Ē
    TL,DR Rosa is actually doing something to help the world and getting criticized for it

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    Some Dominicans are dumb as the most stupid tea-partier in the US. There is rampant racism in the DR as most of the lighter-skinned think that they are better than the darker-skinned Dominicans. That is also the reason Haiti is so much further behind DR in developemet. Black people all over the world seem to be stupid and gullible. How do we let a doctrine as flawed as white superiority make us hate our own brothers and sisters?????

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    I'm very happy too see someone actually give back, when u have so many other models, rappers, athletes, spending g's on shoes, purses, cars and not doing a damn thing for their community or poor people in general. Then u get hated on cause u either not spending what people think you should be spending on like cars or actually spending it on people who can actually use it. There is a reason why other cultures like Jewish and Indians are so successful cause they take care of their own and give back to their people. Yet black/Spanish culture we put rappers and the like on a pedal cause they have money but dont give ish back. Rapping about the new maybach, Louie shoes but yet your momma still lives in the projects. Big up to Rosa do your thing from one Latino to another, much love mama.

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    Motherfuc*ers are lazy they can do the same shi* rosa did, get off your as* and hustle. People think because you made it your suppose to go back and help every soul in the community. The people asking for a hand out were not there when you was trying to make it, they were probably the ones doubting you could make it. You would be surprised at the amount of people that like living pay check to pay check and like living off the county. I always thought rosa was south american for some reason.

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