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Thread: The ANSWER To "Why Did Solange Attack Jay Z?"!!

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    Exclamation The ANSWER To "Why Did Solange Attack Jay Z?"!!

    Source: Why Did Solange Attack Jay Z? (Wendy Williams Explains!) -

    Everybody wants to know "Why did Solange Attack Jay Z on the elevator?" Talk show host and gossip QUEEN Wendy Williams gives the inside scoop!

    jay z attacked assaulted by solange

    Wendy gives her opinion on "Why did Solange Attack Jay Z?"

    why did solange attack jay z

    Beyonce allegedly removed her discreet "IV" tattoo.

    beyonce removed tattoo

    Beyonce was caught sneaking a peek at Jay Z's phone last week.

    beyonce sneaking a look  jay z phone while texting

    Watch the video below.

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    Cliff notes

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    LOL did Wendy just adjust her weave on TV there at the start of the vid???

    Damn bish aint got no shame

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    The Real Reason Solange Viscously Attacked JayZ by Tightlipped

    EVERYONE knows the music industry has loooong had a dysfunctional unhealthy and DEADLY relationship with drug use, Halle Berry has said "“People in my line of work use cocaine and crack..."

    So, Lets look at the list of CONFIRMED A list celebrity drug users:

    Whitney Houston

    Rick James
    Ray Charles
    Janice Joplin
    Chris Brown
    James Brown
    Justin Bieber
    Angelina Jolie
    Drew Barrymore
    Elton John
    Michael Jackson
    Amy Winehouse
    Etta James

    and the list goes on....

    and Sorry Beyoncé fans your Dear B, is NOOOOOOO exception B is a part of the industry and the industry culture:...NO ONE drinks this much to get "nice", and thinks drugs are forbidden

    PLUS...everyone know Cocaine causes acne

    LIL WAYNE: He says that he stopped doing cocaine because it causes acne and he's a "pretty boy."

    Solange was dogfighting mad and hit JayZ because she was protecting her sister, she doesn't want her sister to die like so many celebs before her have and Solange gets mad when Jay hooks Beyoncé up with drugs or allows her to get so drunk and high

    Jay doesn't stop B when she drinks and drugs, because he likes the way she is (being extra freaky and relaxed) when she drugs/drinks

    That's why Beyoncé was so unaffected by the violence when she left the elevator cause she was

    Beyoncé gets high A LOT & Solange doesn't want Bey to get out of control JayZ condones B getting "drunk in love" and Solange be like Im not gonna let u Whitney my sister Im gonna Bobby U!

    Beyoncé is not always as strong and as independent as Solange, Solange was protecting her sister...
    "A man is what he thinks about all day long-emerson-"

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