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Thread: All BLACK: ASHANTI or BERNICE? Choice A or B

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Vin View Post've dated buttaheads and fat girls for so long...that you are actually starting to believe your own bvllsh!t
    No, little fellow, there is obviously a difference between our ages and intellect. Little fellow, most grown men want grown women with grown women bodies. Grown men do not get excited over a pretty face. There is a reason why phrases like: brickhouse, stallion, and it must be jelly because jam don't shake like that exist. Those aforementioned things are not talking about a cute face, they are talking about that body with killer curves. But it is ok, young fellow, you will learn.............I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, I choose N for neither. I never said that a face is irrelevant, I merely said that body is more important than face. I will take a banging body over a cute face any and every day of the week. Cute faces are trophies that are good for dates but I have yet to see a cute face get my ick hard. A banging body will get and keep my ick hard. By the way how does her face look in a thong? See you would probably choose Rihanna with her cute face and 8 year body while I would choose Kandi Burruss and that brickhouse body.

    Class dismissed....You can go outside and play at recess now little fellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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