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Thread: Katt Williams Pimp Slapper Comes Forward

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    Default Katt Williams Pimp Slapper Comes Forward

    Comedian and actor Katt Williams has been buzzing all over the internet lately following his highly-publicized comedic massacre of elder jokester Steve Harvey at a New Years Eve show in Detroit.

    But later that night, Williams hit up Cutters, an East Side club in the Motor City, and wound up taking the microphone. Already on a high after a stellar performance, Williams begin to freestyle for the crowd…he then turned his attention to an unsuspecting guy on the dance floor and begin cracking jokes about his outfit. Before the routine was up, the angry man in the crowd gave the partygoers something to laugh at for real: he walked over and smacked Katt Williams in the face. found the slapper, who asked to remain anonymous due to worries of a lawsuit, to get his side of the story.

    According to him, he came to the club following a high school cabaret.

    “I was probably with like 16, 17 dudes, we were scattered out throughout the club,” the anonymous man, who lives in Detroit’s Jeffrey Projects, said. “Basically we were just up in there having a good time.”

    Williams passed the man, who was wearing a cowboy outfit consisting of a pair of “$5,000 gator boots,” as he headed to the stage. When Williams took the microphone and begin to freestyle, things turned ugly.

    “I wasn’t even paying attention,” the man says. “I was talking to someone else while he was doing it. And then he pointed at me. I walked over to a couple of friends of mine, and they told me, ‘He’s clowning you.’ So I walked over there and asked [Katt], ‘So what you say? I don’t play that joke ****.’ So he was like, ‘And what?’ He didn’t even admit what he said when I asked him.”

    The man said he proceeded to pimp slap the pint-sized star of “The Pimp Chronicles,” who was recently hospitalized in South Carolina for a mental evaluation.

    “He was still on some comedy stuff after I slapped him, I swear,” the man says baffled. “After I slapped him, he jumped back and he was still talking and it was some girls holding him back. It was actually some girls in the club grabbing bottles like they wanted to do something to me too, like trying to protect him. He stopped and actually grabbed a square and was trying to light his cigarette. It was on some comedy stuff to me. He was trying to get his square lit, he took like two puffs, and he tried to charge back at me. But at this time, the security was heading me towards the door.”

    The next day on Detroit’s radio station WJLB, Williams told radio host Dr. Darrius the man slapped him in an attempt to steal his jewelry.

    “We weren’t trying to get his jewelry,” the man says. “I wasn’t that drunk to not know what was going on. [Katt] told like 20 percent of the truth [on the radio]. I could understand if we were at a comedy club, or some **** like that, but we weren’t there for that. It was after-hours, niggas was drunk, feeling it, we wasn’t there for that. It wasn’t no comedy show we were at. He’s mad because my guy was looking more pimpish than him.”

    After the altercation, a club patron asked Williams if he was okay. “Hell naw I ain't alright, didn’t you just see that nigga slap me?!” he reportedly quipped.

    The “pimp slapper,” in hindsight, says that even though Williams is “a funny dude” who he doesn’t have any personal problems with, he wouldn’t hesitate to show him the hand of god again if he stepped out of line.

    “I’d do it again if he say something like that,” he says nonchalant. “And if I meet him, and he don’t do nothing like that, he on some old friendly buddy-buddy ****, I’m buddy-buddy too. I don’t have no problem. But if he got a problem next time we see each other…”

    Well, you get the picture.
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    Default Re: Katt Williams Pimp Slapper Comes Forward

    ....Katt a hoe

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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