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Thread: A trip you wont regret and must take

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    Default A trip you wont regret and must take

    Fellas, I just came back from the Dominican Republic, this was my second trip to Puerto Plata, I stayed in the Playa Dorado area.. Puzzy was once again falling out the sky.. As soon as I stepped off the plane into the airport terminal, had a shorty that worked for American Airlines all on it. I didnt sweat it, b/c I been to the DR before, and I didnt jump at the first azz.. After a 30 min wait to get to our resort, The Gran Ventana, I caught a bad shorty from the gift shop, and the water aeorbics instructor all within 20 mins. I'm sitting at the all inclusive bar, and the water aerobics instructor was kicking it with me.. I speak little Spanish, but know the basics. But the best fun, was this club at another hotel in our area which had a club.. Them DR chicks are mad aggressive is all I can say... It was hard to choose, but got up and went back to this chick place and smashed real nice. Next day, I got up with the water aerobics instructor, she couldn't come to my room as well as the chick the night before b/c they had no armband.. She takes me to this lil motel joint which looks like car garage, which cost me $8 for 4 hours, and smashed. My last night there, I met another shorty in the club, took her to the $8 spot smashed, and went back to the club and smashed another chick.
    Fellas, I think I'm moving to the DR... I never saw so much beautiful dymez in my life.

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    Default Re: A trip you wont regret and must take

    damn you had the time of a lifetime..............dont think i can pull that off.......I dont know any Spanish
    Do not bark up this tree,....this tree will fall on you..

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