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Thread: Obama says sorry to the COP

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    Default Obama says sorry to the COP

    Obama is loosing that swag.

    Well, its a difficult situation to access, yet he's the President. President Bush never said sorry... seriously, i respected Bush for sticking to his guns when he made any statement and not saying sorry for it.

    Obama.... well.... we will see how this plays out in the next coming weeks. I still think it was silly for the whole Union of cops to come out and defend that cop who arrested the Harvard Prof.

    Saying that, cops always stick together no matter what. Shot Shawn Bell 300 times and they stuck together, tazing a 77 year old woman and they stuck together, and so on and so on.

    I believe 98% of cops are good. However it has always been that small portion that always give the police a bad name. There should be accountablity among themselves and not be able to 'investigate' their own crimes. The DA used to do that, but not anymore.

    If MJ was alive he would have saved the world. What??? Am i off topic?

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    Default Re: Obama says sorry to the COP

    do you have a link?

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