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Thread: Cop in Fatal Crash Was Driving 94 MPH

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    Default Cop in Fatal Crash Was Driving 94 MPH

    ORANGE, Conn. (Nov. 18) - An arrest affidavit says a Milford police officer charged with manslaughter for a car crash that killed two teenagers was driving 94 miles per hour and was not on an emergency call.

    State police earlier this month charged Jason Anderson with two counts of second-degree manslaughter and one count of reckless driving. He was released on $250,000 bond. Anderson, who has been suspended with pay, is due to be arraigned Nov. 24.

    Police said 19-year-old David Servin and 19-year-old Ashlie Krakowski were killed in the June 13 crash.

    Police released a videotape of the crash Tuesday that shows the car carrying the teens turning into the path of Anderson's cruiser, which slams into the car and sends debris flying.
    The New Haven Register and Connecticut Post requested the video.

    The video was taken by the dashboard camera of another Milford cruiser, the papers said. That cruiser was driven by Officer Richard Pisani, who has not been charged but is on desk duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

    Pisani was traveling at 65 mph but accelerated when Anderson's cruiser passes him on the right, the Register said. Pisani's maximum speed in the time frame shown on the video is 72 mph, the newspaper said.

    The New York Post said there has been speculation that the two officers may have been racing when the crash occurred.
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    Default Re: Cop in Fatal Crash Was Driving 94 MPH

    are you serious that must be a really boring town with no action to be racing!

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    Default Re: Cop in Fatal Crash Was Driving 94 MPH

    fukking pig still only gone get bout 6 months....

    "suspended with pay".....aint that called vacation?
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