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Thread: Prison escapee taunts police on Facebook

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    Default Prison escapee taunts police on Facebook

    Escaped convict Craig Lynch has continued to taunt police on Facebook while on the run.

    Escaped convict Craig Lynch has continued to taunt police on Facebook.

    An escaped prisoner who has been on the run in Britain for over three months has used Facebook to mock police who have continually failed to catch him despite his regular updates on the social networking site.

    Convicted burglar Craig "Lazie' Lynch, 28, fled from Hollesley Bay prison near Suffolk in September and has continued to update his Facebook page while on the run. His tagline reads: "Life is what you make it, live fast, die young!!!"

    Lynch, who has over 6000 fans, has been posting updates on the food he is eating, places he visits, New Year's Eve plans, the women he's cavorting with and, most recently, railed against the "haters" trying to knock him off his high horse.

    On Christmas Day he posted a picture of himself making a rude gesture while shirtless, wearing tinsel around his neck and holding a turkey.

    "Hate me all you want but I promise you one thing! Its my name that they'll remember not you haters," he wrote.

    He continues to taunt police and express amazement that he "beat their f***n system". In one status update he said: " Quick question....HOW MANY COPS ARE IN HERE TONIGHT!?"

    Lynch is the second wanted criminal to develop a fan base on Facebook in recent times.

    US teen Colton Harris-Moore - described as the "new Jesse James (without the murders)" - has been on the run for 20 months and is wanted for over 50 burglaries.

    Just under 15,000 people have signed up to be his fans on Facebook and many others watch in disbelief as Harris-Moore, 18, is able to evade arrest despite stealing three planes, several cars, boats and virtually anything else he can get his hands on.

    But while Harris-Moore's Facebook fame grew organically as a result of news coverage, Lynch appears to be actively courting celebrity, imploring his "real supporters" to add his personal Facebook account to their friends lists and asking whether he should "get some fan tshirts made".

    Ironically, Lynch claims he is "not out to harm this world" and recently asked followers to "support prison sentences" for people who are cruel to animals.

    But his time on the run and online detractors are clearly taking their toll. In Lynch's most recent posts he is clearly angry at some of the abusive comments directed his way and declares "i'm coming off this page as I have better things to do".

    In an earlier post he wrote: "Its freezing outside. Another lonely night. So far away from my family and friend. Yet I have so many supporters and haters on here. Thx for your support everyone cause this is a FAN PAGE."

    British police and Facebook told the BBC they were trying to use Lynch's posts to track him down. Police have appealed to his friends on Facebook for help.

    Before he escaped, Lynch was serving out a seven-year jail sentence and was reportedly towards the end of his term.

    A recent post indicates he feels the police are closing in or that he might be ready to give himself up.

    "well what can i say fellow friends. The run is nearly over. Sorry some of you had to find out like this. I know some of you might take offence that i never told you personally. But you know me. I Trust No One. Its the only way to be."
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    he's gonna be caught.

    ip address tracker...or somethin gonna give him away
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    Why would he escape if he was near the end of his sentence, but i aint never been in the box that long so i dont no what its like.
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    there is no ip tracker if you use the library or other people **** to they is going to be on a wild goose chase!

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