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Thread: Sexually Suggestive Akoo Billboard Removed…

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    Default Sexually Suggestive Akoo Billboard Removed…


    Female model, lips slightly parted, her head at eye-level to a male model’s crotch, the man’s hand on the back of her head. The message was clear: Man buys jeans, man gets lucky.

    This ad was not just explicit, it was demeaning to women. After public pressure, billboard owner CBS Outdoor removed it yesterday. In its place is another, more civilized ad for the same clothing company, rapper T.I.’s Akoo line.

    T.I. is hardly the first rap artist to expand on his fame by branching out with a hip-hop clothing line, or the first to use sexy advertisements to sell his products. The advertisements, like the music, too often treat women as nothing more than sexual props.

    Racy fashion ads are nothing new, but it’s one thing to run them inside magazines, another to place them inescapably in the view of every man, woman and child walking through a major downtown intersection. The people of Newark deserve more respect.

    Read more: Necole Livin' the Bitchie Life….

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    sad thing about it, the first ppl to disapprove (females) are the main ones that would do it... then they play the other side of the fence because they caught feelings...

    but the writer of the article is right... they could have relayed the message in a better way... she could have just been unbuttoning the pants standing up...
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