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Thread: Suspected gunman in Pentagon shooting dies

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    Default Suspected gunman in Pentagon shooting dies

    The California man who walked calmly up to two police officers and opened fire at an entrance to the Pentagon Thursday evening appears to have acted alone and was not connected to any terrorist plot, Pentagon police chief Richard S. Keevill said Friday morning.

    The shooter, identified as 36-year-old John Patrick Bedell, was dressed in a business suit and carried two 9-millimeter semi-automatic weapons and "many magazines" of ammunition, Keevill said at a 6 a.m. news conference. "He walked very directly to the officers and engaged," Keevill said.

    The officers were superficially wounded, one in the shoulder and one in the thigh. Both were treated at George Washington University Hospital in Northwest Washington and released.

    They and a third officer returned fire at Bedell, critically wounding him in the head, said Keevill, chief of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. Bedell died at George Washington University Hospital.

    Keevill said police and the FBI are examining surveillance video that shows Bedell as he approached the Pentagon, and have tracked his road trip from the Washington area to California over the last several weeks. Investigators located his car at a nearby parking garage and impounded it, and are processing the evidence found inside -- including more ammunition.

    "At this time it appears to be a single individual that had issues," Keevill said. He emphasized that law enforcement officials have found no link between Bedell and any terror group in the United States or overseas.

    Police are looking at possible anti-government Internet postings by Bedell, Keevill said, and still trying to establish his motive for the attack at a doorway to the nation's defense headquarters -- one of the busiest, most prominent and closely guarded buildings in the Washington area.

    "The officers acted very quickly and decisively to neutralize him as a threat," Keevill said. "No one else was injured." He said the whole incident lasted less than a minute.

    The shooting occurred at 6:40 p.m., near the end of rush hour. The Pentagon Metrorail station and transit center were shut down a few hours after the shooting and remained closed Friday morning, as investigators continued to search for evidence. Trains are passing through the station, officials said, but passengers have to board or disembark at the nearby Pentagon City station.

    Shuttle buses ferried employees to the Pentagon from Pentagon City Friday morning. The Pentagon parking lot was for those who commute by car, and uniformed officers welcomed defense department employees as well as people picking passengers in slug lines.

    In the hours after the shooting, police sought to interview a man seen talking to Bedell on the surveillance video. But one federal law enforcement source said the second man was not thought to be involved.

    A man who identified himself as John Bedell answered a call placed to a Hollister, Calif., home and said he had a 36-year-old son named John Patrick Bedell "who is in the Washington area." The elder Bedell then said, "I'm sorry, I can't talk about this," and hung up.
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    smh with all that amunition he was really trying to kill a lot of people , its obviously clear that he had issues
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