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Thread: Ex-homeless man wins lottery

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    Default Ex-homeless man wins lottery

    BOISE -- A Boise insurance agent is $250,000 richer today after collecting his prize from the Idaho Lottery.

    Anthony Castro won big in the Idaho Millions Scratch Game.

    It is quite a turnaround for the former New Yorker who had been shot in the head during a gang ritual at the age of 19.

    Castro moved to Boise in 2003, where he worked to make ends meet, only to find himself in and out of area homeless shelters.

    “After so much turmoil in my life, and the loss of my mother a year ago, this is truly a blessing for me,” said Castro. “My dreams are coming true.”

    Castro bought his winning ticket at the Jacksons store on Maple Grove at Ustick Road in Boise.

    “I’m going to set up a trust account for my six-year old daughter, donate to my church, and then use the rest to get a townhouse in Portland (Oregon),” said Castro, who is moving to Portland to start a new job.

    For selling the winning ticket, Jacksons Food Stores will receive a bonus of $20,000.

    Castro is the 50th winner in Idaho Lottery history to claim a prize of at least $250,000 or more.

    His was the second top prize claimed on the Idaho Millions Scratch Game. Four $250,000 prizes are still available.


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    good Sh!t hope he dont blow it

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