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Thread: Whos Responsible For Making Tats Go Mainstream??

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    Booty Gif Dot Com Whos Responsible For Making Tats Go Mainstream??
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    Whos Responsible For Making Tats Go Mainstream??

    20 Years Ago you rarely saw tatoos on "regular" People, they were mostly regulated to people on the margins of society or belonging to tough guy associations..

    Prisoners, Biker Gangs, Carnival Workers, Truckers, Marines etc..

    but fastforward to 2010 and they are so mainstream now that Susan at the office got tats all down her arm on her neck etc. Im not anti-ink within reason tats are good body jewerly so to speak but its permament but this sh!t is going to far ya think with some of the stupid stuff people put on there body and especially uncovered areas? So whos the most responsible for making tatoos popular to the mainstream??

    in 1993 with his I get Around Video he busted out the famous stomach tat of Thug Life and more, at the time no one had more ink on there body in the rap game! eventually other rappers like Nas had to get there stomach tatted too (godson)

    Allen Iverson
    While in Georgetown he had one tiny arm tat and short cut he went to the NBA the first pick in the 1996 draft he got braided and tatted all over his body at the time no League MVP had that much ink

    Cash Money Records
    By the late 90's tat became more and more popular but they took it to a level that made it look like they were wearing a shirt even when they werent from all the body work, Now weezy is getting it done on his eye lids and Baby has run out space so its now going to his head. literally!

    If it aint them who would you nominate??

    AI pre tatted rookie

    AI just a small taste of his ink

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    Die $low Whos Responsible For Making Tats Go Mainstream?? AZ westsider's Avatar
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    Wow! AI got them garbage home-made prison lookin tats after he had money? :eek001:

    Cheap Bastard!

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