The topic of public assistance is one that gets touchy and often ends up with someone claiming racism.

America is a place full of benefits that people do not grasp yet blame others for their own financial situations. I myself, was born in america and am the parents of 2 people whom immigrated from a 3rd world country. two people who were came to america with nothing but were able to go to college here and get an education even before they even met. I probably struggled the first few years of my life due to them just getting out of school and starting their careers but in the long run I was able to live decent life in a great part of town (in another state) and get the best education possible.

I personally have a true hate for how the public assistance/welfare scam is ran.. People who fail to establish themselves take money that the hard working citizens who actually have an incentive to work. What this does is it keeps the poor, poor. Suppose you are someone who is barely above the poverty line. You are barely able to make ends meet yet the taxation on your wages goes towards military funding as well as social programs. Since you can barely work, what you earned goes right into the hands of someone who doesn't work. I see this as a collective action/free rider problem that plagues america.

Bad decisions. Statistics have shown that the majority of people on welfare are single mothers with 2 or more children (majority is white single mothers). Um...ladies, if you are not established then you should not be having children. Fellas, if you don't want the burden of being a babys daddy......then you wear a condom. What I make should not be going towards someone who fails to evaluate their life properly.

Getting screwed by your government. Over recent years, the government has set up the Welfare to work program. These are jobs that see people work shitty labor jobs for corporations to get the benefits of welfare yet at the same time not see the money you're making. This is down right exploitation. These people will work 12hrs a day 7 days a week in order to somewhat pay back the government at the same time get the benefits to feed their families etc.. Enslavement at its finest.

When is this type of welfare necessary: when kids are involved. If parents choose to abandon their kids or they die I believe the care giver should be able to get some help raising the child/children apart from sending them all into foster care.

How to fix the free rider problem: Significantly lower taxes as well as tax according to yearly income. This way those who are poor will see more of the money they make as well as wont be taxed harshly. In the end you, you will have more money in your pockets to keep up with your living expenses.

Types of Public Assistance that I have no problem with:
1. Disability. Those born with any type of disability are obviously not responsible for how they are. Seeing as disability is something that cannot be faked, I believe these people should get some compensation in order to carry on with their lives.
2. Federal college grants/scholarships. I believe it is good to have a government program that is set up to help people advance in life. I am a big supporter of education and I believe that when higher education can be given with grants or loans from the government the outcome is effective.

This might seem like a big ol' ramble but i'm kind of tired and my head hurts so I wasnt able to properly get everything out in the most intelligible way.