(CNN) -- A 54-year-old man accused of fathering seven children with his daughter was arrested this week in Pinheiro, Brazil, police said, according to CNN affiliate Record TV.

Jose Agostinho Bispo Pereira was arrested after complaints that he sexually abused his daughter, whom he kept captive, said police chief Adriana Meireles said.

According to police, Pereira had sex with his daughter since she was 12 years old. Now 29, the daughter has seven children from her father.

"It is a crime. I know that it is a crime," Pereira told Record TV. "But she was committing the crime as well, wasn't she? Then, I had to do it."

"A farmer only does things because the other consents, because if the other doesn't consent, the person doesn't do (it)," he added.

Police are now investigating whether Pereira also sexually abused a 2-year-old granddaughter or his other children.

"The authorities are going to request physical exams for the two daughters that Pereira had with his daughter, ages eight and six years old," Meireles told Record TV. "The 8-year-old has already confessed to police that Pereira was touching her, and we are going to corroborate with exams."

The seven children range in age from two months old to 12 years. They were found in poor condition, dirty and with no shoes or clothes, inside the house he shared with his daughter, police said.

The children were moved to the custody of child services in Pinheiro, Record TV reported.

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