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Thread: Man Who Police Say Shot Child Faces Charges

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    Default Man Who Police Say Shot Child Faces Charges

    Court Documents Say Dare Caused Man To Fire Into Home

    GRESHAM, Ore. -- The man who police say shot into a house, hitting a child, faced a judge for the first time Wednesday.

    Tuesday, police arrested Angel Leobardo Munoz and Wednesday afternoon, he had his first court appearance.

    The victims said they've never met Leobardo Munoz and they don't know why he would have shot at their home.

    But police said he fired a gun into the family's house three times, and according to court documents, he did it on a dare.

    Leobardo Munoz was arraigned on charges of assault, unlawful use of a weapon and reckless endangering Wednesday.

    He was clearly crying as the judge discussed the case with him and his attorney.

    Police said Leobardo Munoz fired three shots into the home using a .22-caliber rifle last week.

    The Paskiewicz family said they first noticed that their son had scratches on his face.

    Then they found a bullet and realized it had gone through the window frame, the blinds and their son's play tent before hitting their child.

    "We're just glad to have a gun out of his hands, seeing as how he shot at our house. If he didn't get caught, he lives right across the street, he might have just come out there and started shooting again, and someone else would have gotten hurt," the victim's father Joseph Paskiewicz said.

    Police said Leobardo Munoz lives near the home and told officers that he got the gun from a friend and intentionally fired into the home.

    The boy who was grazed by the bullet is doing OK.
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    Default Re: Man Who Police Say Shot Child Faces Charges

    There are so many dumb asses, people need to think for their selves

    Ponder The Question NOT The Answer!

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