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Thread: Hudson Family Murder Suspect Could Be Free Today

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    Default Hudson Family Murder Suspect Could Be Free Today

    By Chris Richburg
    The man at the center of a murder investigation of actress/singer Jennifer Hudsonís family may be on his way to becoming a free man today (November 10).

    A parole hearing is set to take place this morning with the Illinois Prisoner Review Board for William Balfour.

    The 27-year-old, who is regarded as a ďperson of interestĒ in the case, has not been charged with the shooting deaths of Hudsonís mother, Darnell Donerson, her brother, Jason Hudson and Julian King, the son of the Oscar winnerís sister, Julia Hudson.

    Balfour, the estranged husband of Julia Hudson, has remained in police custody at the Stateville Correctional Center since October 26.

    Mondayís hearing will determine whether evidence in the case constitutes a violation of Balfour's parole for a 1999 conviction for attempted murder, state officials shared.

    Although he has admitted to being at the Hudsonís home in Englewood on the morning of the shootings, Balfour has refused to cooperate with authorities.

    Sources tell the Tribune that police spoke with Balfourís current girlfriend, who revealed that he told her that he had, in fact, been involved in Donnersonís and Hudsonís deaths.

    During the parole hearing, a state investigator will present evidence to the board, said review board attorney Kenneth Tupy.

    Tupy added that Balfour would be able to rebut the investigator before the board makes its decision.

    If the board finds probable cause to conclude that Balfour committed a crime, or violated his parole in some other manner, he will remain in custody for more hearings.

    If the board finds that Balfour has not violated his parole, he could be set free today. The hearing is the latest development in the aftermath of the Hudson family slayings.

    Jennifer and Julia Hudson appeared at private funeral service last week to pay their last respects to their deceased relatives.

    A public service in Chicago also took place as mourners offered their condolences for the Hudson family.

    Donnerson and Jason Hudson were found dead October 24 at the home they shared with Julia Hudson.

    The body of Julian King, who was abducted from the home, was discovered three days later as police noted how King was shot twice in the head.

    The 7-year-oldís body was found slumped in the back of Jason Hudson's abandoned Chevy Suburban on a West Side street.

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    Default Re: Hudson Family Murder Suspect Could Be Free Today

    i hope that whoevere did this will go to prison

    Ponder The Question NOT The Answer!

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    Default Re: Hudson Family Murder Suspect Could Be Free Today

    cant have unsettled beef.
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