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Thread: What's the difference???Everybody should reply

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    Exclamation What's the difference???Everybody should reply

    Do you know the difference between an -a or -er?
    Ok now we need to have a little discussion about the difference between nigga and ******. Yes we have our favorite rappers saying nigga in their songs and we repeat it along with in our everyday vernacular. Many artist are trying to stray from using the word.
    Nas was trying to use his last album to discredit the word make it seem to have no power. Unfortunately that is a little hard for people to do. For some people its a lot of pain and anger behind that word. I know I use it at least twice a day maybe more.
    To me when it is used ending in -er I feel offended and uncomfortable even if its not being directed to me .
    Everyday you hear Dj Khaled on any of his tracks saying "We the best nigga..." along with other artist that are not African American(being politically correct). I have even seen people from other races used the word ending -a and not -er.

    How do you feel about it? Do you think after time it can be used and not be offensive?
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    I do not like neither...because to me that mean something bad via ignorance stupid and what have you... but in a diffrent ways it means black like i do not use them words... beacuse we say if a white person say it im fucking him up...but a black person can say it just let the word(s) die and never use them..

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