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Thread: Police call in crack order, get delivery

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    Default Police call in crack order, get delivery

    GALVESTON — A man accused of taking telephone delivery orders for crack cocaine was helpful enough to describe himself to police so officers would know what he looked like, authorities said Thursday.

    Police say officers placed a telephone order early Thursday and were happy to arrest and charge the man accused of delivering.

    Bond for John Patrick Lacour, 29, of Galveston, was set at $250,000 on a charge of manufacturing or delivering a controlled substance, police said.

    Lacour’s arrest resulted from an anonymous tipster, who gave police a telephone number to call to order drugs, police Lt. D.J. Alvarez said.

    Police dialed the number and ordered crack cocaine to be delivered near 35 th Street and Seawall Boulevard, Alvarez said.

    “Officers making the call to the suspect asked him to describe himself, so they would know who was coming,” Alvarez said.

    Lacour arrived at 2:15 a.m., shortly after the telephone call, Alvarez said. Police confiscated a “small amount” of crack cocaine, Alvarez said.

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    Default Re: Police call in crack order, get delivery


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