Arrests over Greek prison escape

Four prison guards and a helicopter pilot have been arrested in Greece after two of the country's most notorious criminals flew out of a maximum security prison - for the second time in three years.

Three top Greek officials have been fired over the lapse in security, and the country's justice minister has called for a probe into the bank accounts of all guards working in the wing where the two prisoners were held.

Vassilis Paleokostas and Alket Rizai escaped by climbing a rope ladder thrown to them from a helicopter flying low over the Korydallos prison on Sunday in Athens, the Greek capital.

Guards on the ground opened fire and a woman fired back with an automatic rifle, authorities said, but no injuries were reported.

"This [escape] was an insult which I will not accept... I will take measures as harsh as necessary,'' Nikos Dendias, Greece's justice minister said.