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Thread: Dude killed over a cheeseburger

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    Default Dude killed over a cheeseburger

    KSDK -- St. Louis Police arrested and charged a 16-year-old for killing a 26-year-old man over a cheeseburger.

    The murder occurred Sunday at 12:30 a.m., in the 3800 block of Lee Avenue, according to Erica Van Ross, a spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

    The victim, identified as Carl Sharp, was sitting on his porch and eating when he was approached by two people who wanted him to give up his burger. Van Ross said the two people left, but one of them returned on a bicycle and shot Sharp three times.

    Sharp was pronounced dead at the scene.

    On Monday, detectives were able to identify the suspected shooter and found him selling snow cones at the intersection of N. Grand Boulevard and Kossuth Avenue, Van Ross said. He was arrested without incident.


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    the real deal V V V

    they supposedly went half on a 2 for $3 deal, when dude got back with the burger, he gave his homie one and he ate the other. He never gave the dude who went half with him his sandwich....and u know how things can escalate

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    Default Re: Dude killed over a cheeseburger

    Don't **** with a man when he hungry....:lmao002:
    "One hand full of ****... does not equal a fist full of dollars!" -50 Cent

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    They must of been hungry as hell, thats ashame..

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