"I've made the selection, that's all you're gonna get," Obama told reporters yesterday during a trip to Virginia.

Three names have been hurled around cyber space as possible picks for the 2008 Obama ticket: Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, and Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana.

The announcement will reportedly come later today, but the public will know for certain tomorrow, according to numerous published reports. Obama is planning to present the ticket at a rally in Illinois.

In other Obama news, MTV recently ran a report chronicling Hip Hop's love affair with the Illinois senator. With Obama drawing fire over the recent release of "Politics" by Ludacris, two of the games living legends suggest that emcees may want to stay quiet until after Election Day.

"They gotta work in other ways to get him in the White House," Ice Cube says. "It's not really about doing a song right now. He has to separate himself from that stuff; he's in a political race. Everybody should kick back for a minute, see what happens in November. If he becomes president, he wouldn't have to separate himself as much from some of these statements. Because Obama can't come as hardcore as Ludacris as far as his message right now he can't do that. Us rappers might have to hold our tongues for a few months."

Scarface echoed his west coast contemporary's sentiments.

"All it takes is for a muthafucker getting out there being real [ghetto] and people will be like, 'We don't wanna **** with Obama'; they'll wanna smash on him because of what somebody else said. [Someone] speaks for himself and its Barack's fault? What did Luda say that's Barack's fault? Is it Barack's fault what I'm saying? I don't wanna be the reason he don't get [the presidency]."