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Thread: Ginuwine Inks New Deal

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    Default Ginuwine Inks New Deal

    R&B singer Ginuwine has inked a new recording contract this week with plans to issue his first new album since 2005's "Back II Da Basics." With this new deal, the singer also announced the shelving of TGT's highly anticipated album.
    After spending the last few years on various tours including a stint in Je'Caryous Johnson's popular stage play "Men, Money and Golddiggers" Ginuwine says he is ready to get back to the studio with his sixth studio album. "I have been touring and working on various projects the last couple of years and pondering what I wanted my next moves to be. I didn’t want to rush into just doing what a label told me to do but rather take time to be creative and find music and projects that I have creative control over."

    Signing with Notifi Records, as announced earlier this week, Ginuwine has hit the studio with hopes to release the as-yet-untitled project early next year. "Notifi is giving me the support and creative freedom to record the sounds I think best represent me," says Ginuwine.

    Ira Dewitt, CEO of Notifi comments on the signing, “Notifi Records is proud to be working with such a well respected artist and look forward to the creative direction this project is headed. Our current plans include having a single out this Sept./Oct. and an album released by quarter one of 2009. We are lining up top producers and tracks as we speak.”

    With good news, there is also some bad news for fans who were anticipating Ginuwine's collaborative effort with Tyrese and Tank, better known as the supergroup TGT. According to Ginuwine, the group's album has been shelved. "Due to label and legal issues we will not be able to release an official TGT album. However we did make some amazing music which will appear on each of our respective albums." The "I'm In Love" singer says however, that they will continue to perform together.

    Ginuwine has release five platinum selling albums since his debut in 1996 with "Ginuwine...The Bachelor.

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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    Default Re: Ginuwine Inks New Deal

    Glad to see Ginuwine making moves... I've splashed a few chicks to his music back in the day.

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    i'm glad to see hes back too, hope his comeback is hard

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