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Thread: Mariah Carey bad mouths Eminem on David Letterman

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    Default Mariah Carey bad mouths Eminem on David Letterman

    Mariah Carey said Eminem is a boy rejected in a recent interview with late night host David Letterman.

    “He continuously references me. I don’t know why so I wrote a song that’s really an anthem for all like little girls or kids that get their pony tails pulled and get abused,” Carey said on Late Show With David Letterman last night November 13. “Because the boy is really in love with them and they can’t be with them.”

    The singer was noncommittal when asked if the song, “Obsessed,” was about the rap star.

    “The song is not about anybody and yet it could be about anybody. You know? You never know,” she said.

    Her wife Nick Cannon (LOL)was taped backstage with a wide smile after her appearance.

    The feud between Eminem and Carey has been ongoing.

    Earlier this year, Eminem wrote a song called “The Warning,” which he alleged he had nude pictures of Carey.

    Eminem raps, “You probably think if I had something on you I woulda did it by now, on the contrary, Mary Poppins, I’m mixing our studio session down and sending it off to mastering to make it loud, enough dirt on you to murder you, this is what the f–k I do…Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?”

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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    she needs to grow up and move on!

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