According to a recent interview with Right On! Ciara says her aggressive alter ego, Super C is coming out in full force on 'Fantasy Ride,' her forthcoming album.

While Ciara says her alter ego has been there all along in the recent issue, some have said the R&B star's unveiling of 'Super C' comes a little to close to Beyonce's introduction of 'Sasha Fierce' - her alter ego and title of the star's latest effort.

Regardless of the time, Ciara wants everyone to get to know 'Super C'.

"Super C is a character that people will learn more about on this record. That is my alter ego," says the "Go Girl" singer.

"Super C doesn't hold back. She is definitely aggressive. She goes hard. Super C can do some magical and funky things. She works hard. She dances to the 10th power. She does everything to the 10th power."

While Ciara is introducing Super C to the world, the 'alter ego' or "character" as Ciara calls her is reportedly coming out in 2009, a few weeks after her scheduled debut in December.

According sources, Ciara's new album "Fantasy Ride" will hit stores in January.

"There are so many things that you'll get from Super C and that's what is fun about Fantasy Ride."