According to Reuters, MilkPEP announced their disassociation from Brown via statement today (February 10).

"The Milk Mustache campaign is taking the allegations against Chris Brown very seriously," the statement read. "We are very proud and protective of the image of the Milk Mustache campaign and the responsible message it sends to teens.”

MilkPEP is the second company to halt campaigns featuring Brown since the assault allegations made headlines. Chewing gum giant Wrigley suspended its advertising campaigns featuring Brown yesterday (February 9).

Also adding on to Brown's issues, Cleveland radio station KISS 96.5 has pulled off his songs from its playlist in reaction to the allegations.

"After the alleged incident the phones exploded,"said KISS 96.5 radio personality Java Joel via a press release. "It's all that people wanted to talk about. They were outraged at this alleged behavior and wondered why we were continuing to support his music. I agreed and immediately pulled all Chris Brown songs from my show until this thing shakes out in the legal system."