Former B2K front man Omarion recently shot down rumors of being dropped from his former label and spoke about his working relationship with super producer Timbaland who signed him to his Mosley Music imprint.

Prior to news of the singer signing to Timbaland’s label surfaced, rumors were floating around that the singer had been dropped from Sony Records because of weak record sales.

Omarion revealed to MTV yesterday (August 19) that he wasn’t released by Sony, he chose to leave.

“I asked to be released,” Omarion said. “A release is different from a drop. When an artist is dropped, usually they haven't brought any revenue to the company. As you know, I [was with Sony] for a long time, roughly over six years. Throughout B2K and my solo albums, revenue was still brought in. An artist like me could never get dropped. How did I get dropped and I still ended up in a great situation?”

“Usually when you hear 'drop,' it means, 'Oh, he's over.’ It's a wrap. It's unfortunate that stuff like that gets put out there,” he added. “Everybody likes to associate — especially me being such a cool dude — with negative things. Are you kiddi ng me?”

Now officially a player on Timbaland's artist roster, Omarion claims that him and Timbo are still trying to find the best direction for his new album.

“He's a great producer, and he's really at the top of his game right now,” Omarion explained. “I can't ask for a better person to guide me. We did 'Ice Box.’ It wasn't enough for us to really build a solid relationship. But I've got to spend time with him, and we have a strong relationship. It's the biggest blessing that has happened to me musically.”

No release date or guest appearances for the album were revealed but Pharrell will be one of the producers attached to the project.