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Thread: Sooooo Did Soulja Boy Steal Swag Flu???

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    Default Sooooo Did Soulja Boy Steal Swag Flu???

    Swag Flu? How about SWAG JACK! Maybe Soulja Boy thinks that since he's known he can steal other people's **** without consequence. But you never know who knows who huh Soulja? See we know you stole that idea and song from some homies who go by the name of PopNBulletz. You may not have heard of them but they're some upcomers in the rap game who're trying to make a name for themselves, yet they have to fight artists (and we use that term extremely loosely for Soulja Boy) who steal there ****. PopNBulletz was promoting the Swag Flu on Twitter for a long time and we at knew about it. Then surprisedly all of a sudden here comes Soulja Boy with the Swag Flu! WTF?

    Here is what PopNBulletz had to say about it: (Quoted)

    IT WAS ORIGINATED FROM THE SWINE FLU BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA FREENZY OF THE SWINE FLU. IT HELPED US CREATE THE SWAG FLU. WHICH THEN BECAME THE FASTEST GROWING TERM IN TWITTER HISTORY.THE CREATION OF @THESWAGFLU ,FROM A FAST GROWING BUZZ OF THE PAGE IT WAS ALOT OF REQUEST TO PRODUCE THE SWAG FLU SONG. AFTER THE SWAG FLU SONG IT TOOK OFF FAST EVERYBODY ON TWITTERWAS TALKING ABOUT IT. Some OF THE BIGGEST RAPPERS IN THE GAME EVEN STARTED SAYING THEY HAD THE SWAG FLU.DAYS LATER POPNBULLETZ RECORD A SONG CALLED THE SWAG FLU WHICH HAD OVER 10,000 DOWNLOADS IN THE FIRST WEEK!!!! AFTER GOOD PROMOTION OF THE SONG A COUPLE OF DAYS LATER RAPPER SOULJABOYTELLEM STOLD THE CONCEPT AND EVEN CLAIMED THAT HE HAD THE SWAG FLU FIRST. THEN A MONTH LATER TRY TO MAKE A SWAG FLU VIDEO. WHICH HE CHANGED HIS VERSE FROM THE FIRST VERSION OF THE SONG HE RECORDED. POPNBULLETZ THEN ASK SOULJABOY WHERE DID HE GET THE SWAG FLU FROM? HE THEN SAID RT @souljaboytellem @popnbulletz1 no seriously. All bullshit aside. Never heard of you guys before in my life. Today is a 1st. WHICH WAS A LIE CAUSE HE BLOCKED @theswagflu page a week before.Just from him typing back he knew that he did something wrong,After our followers asking him about it he didnt have nothing else to say. And even blocked @popnbulletz1 twitter page for trying to expose him.Then we went on to do some research on his jacking people songs and found out that nothing anything new to him on youtube.Alot of different cases of him swagger jacking songs and beats we found.but this has to come to a end, and POPNBULLETZ is going to be the last group he swagger jack without getting exposed. follow popnbulletz on twitter at or

    And we know this to be true. SMH at SouljaBoy

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    Default Re: Sooooo Did Soulja Boy Steal Swag Flu???

    damn too much reading for me
    Do not bark up this tree,....this tree will fall on you..

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