Veteran rapper KRS-One took the initiative to have a sit-down talk with teen rapper Soulja Boy about the origin of Hip-Hop on Tuesday. The discussion which took place on BET's Rap City was jumped off by its host Q45, who started off the conversation by asking Soulja Boy if he was Hip-Hop.

"I guess so, man. I hope I'm "Hip-Hop," stated Soulja. I've been number one on the Hip-Hop charts."

According to, the conversation moved on to how both artists view the definition of Hip-Hop for their generations.

"You know I have a long, drawn out answer for that," says KRS jokingly. "Let's start with the simple stuff; breakin', MC'ing, graffiti writing, DJ'ing, and beatboxing. That's the original elements of Hip-Hop. But the way in which you display that can be in infinite kinds. Every generation brings their own kind of presentation."

Soulja Boy offered a similar stance in his reply, but empahasized the party element of Hip-Hop's origins.

"Hip-Hop is having fun; rapping, which is basically what I do, dancing, and partying," he explained. "I'm the life of the party so I think it's all about getting it in, having fun and not thinking about the consequences."

The new-school southern rapper also revealed that out of all the artists that have made disparaging remarks about him, KRS-One is the only MC to speak to him personally about Hip-Hop culture.

KRS took the first steps to heal the expanding rift between new and old school Hip-Hop artists by explaining the perspective of the pioneers, encouraging the teen sensation to keep the torch lit, and officially welcoming him to Hip-Hop.