Female emcees have been an important part of the Rap world for years. From Queen Latifah to MC Lyte , female emcees have stood out in a genre that's run mostly by men. With the release of her latest project, The Queen has linked up with Cover Girl for the Ignite Your Persona Competition. The winner could get a chance to perform as an opening act during Queen Latifah's tour.

"...I feel like, even with what Iíve seen, a couple reality shows tried to make it happenÖAh, I think itís kind of been bastardized a little bit. It wasnít done as properly and efficiently as it should be done," she told us. "But I feel like, thanks to Hip Hop music, Iíve been able to do a whole lot. Iíve been able to have a big, wide, strong career and itís lasted 20 years now. I feel like if I donít reach back and try to help the new generation of up and coming female rappers, then Iím kind of not really being thankful for the opportunities that Iíve been afforded to have."

"Plus, I just love hearing females rhyme. I love hearing a female rapper coming around a group of dudes and just spit the illest rhyme and have everybody grabbing their mouths because they canít believe how dope it is, the rhyme that she said. So, thatís kind of the theme behind it. I love hearing females rhyme and Iíve never been a hater. I was always excited when I heard other females get in the game that sounded dope. When I first heard Eve rhyming or Missy or Kim or Foxy or Brat, I was excited because Iím like, 'Wow, we got some dope females out here.' And because itís so male-dominated, when we do get on, we stand out. A lot of us have had to come up through all-male crews and be strong enough and bold enough to not be afraid to spit around anybody. So, I know that those girls are out there and that they have things to say but theyíre not being heard right now, which to me, makes Rap boring," she noted.

She went on to say that, while she has no probem with songs about "booty," she does have a problem with a lack of balance in the genre.

"That doesnít really cut it for me. For me, I need to hear that balance in the music. Thatís why itís really important for me to try to help discover the next female out there that has all of that."

According to her official site , the contest is open residents of the United States that are 16 years of age or older