West Coast rapper Xzibit will be hosting an episode of ABC's hit show Extreme Home Makeover this coming Sunday (October 11).

Xzibit, who gained popularity in the TV arena for MTV's Pimp My Ride, will be helping a struggling family get a new home.

"They're the Hill Family. It's an extended family. One of the close relatives of the mother and father couldn't take care of the six or seven kids, so they all came together as one big family," Xzibit revealed to HipHopDX. "There's 13 kids altogether, a mother and father - the father is ex [US Military] Reserve. He did some years over in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's back and he's trying to carve a living in Connecticut."

Extreme Home Makeover with Xzibit will air at 8pm on Sunday.

In related news, the rapper is planning to release three EPs before releasing another album.