The BET Hip-Hop awards went uninterrupted Oct. 10, as Kanye West, who was nominated for nine awards, was a no-show. Just where was he? According to some reports, West was seeking refuge in India.

Friends of the musician say that he’s keeping his location private, but India isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

“Kanye might do some dumb things, but he’s smart,” said one source close to West. “He knows he needs to come back from this break changed, and that isn’t going to happen at some rehab overlooking the ocean. He goes to India, he has a chance to come back seeming like he learned something from what happened.”

Sources within the West camp say there’s no plan yet for him to step back into the spotlight soon any time soon. He’s still blogging, but performing is off the books for now. Not only did West recently cancel his tour with Lady Gaga (she'll tour solo), but he’s also scrapped plans to perform a New Year’s Eve show at Madison Square Garden.