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Thread: Lupe Fiasco Remember 2 Smile Vignettes (Video #1-#7)

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    Default Lupe Fiasco Remember 2 Smile Vignettes (Video #1-#7)

    In this 7 part series, Lupe touches on a wide range of personal topics including Life, Death, Art, Fame, Faith, Politics, his home town of Chicago, and finally his upcoming album, We Are Lasers. Now, during our interview, I was advised not to ask anything about Lasers, because he was going to touch on it during his show. He did, and you can find out a few details, and acronyms from watching the clip. Its still a mystery, but dont say you were never invited inside the mind of Wasalu Jaco.
    Video #1
    Video #2

    Video #3
    Video #4

    Video #5
    Video #6

    Video #7
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