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Thread: Andre 3000 wants you to call him Garbage

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    Default Andre 3000 wants you to call him Garbage

    Andre 3000 is trash! C'mon, everybody, repeat it. Three Stacks is gah-bage! Truck juice.

    Obviously no one in their right mind believes that, but if it will inspire the musical great to give us that album, hey, let's put it on billboards. Just don't say he can "save hip-hop."

    "To be honest, man, I really appreciate that people appreciate what I do, but I don't like that type of pressure," he said last week of the assertion. "Like, I hate it, to be honest. ... I cannot save no whole rap game. I mean, the rap game has to save itself. Everybody's saving it. I mean, people like Lil Wayne is saving it. He's bringing energy to it.

    "You cannot put that all on one man," he added. "Especially me. I write a verse every year. You can't do me like that. To be honest, I work best when people doubt me. Our whole Outkast career has been built on people doubting us. [Hip-hop fans] up North hated on us from the get-go. We wouldn't be Outkast if people didn't understand what people would call weird. You know, none of that would've happened. Actually, if you see me, tell me I'm wack. That's the best thing you can do for me. You know, if you want a greater album, say that. Say that!"

    'Dre's solo album doesn't look likely to materialize soon; he still says he's "early on" in the production of it. But Mr. Benjamin did say he's going to be amping up Big Boi's Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album whenever he gets the chance. With such long stretches between LPs, 'Dre credits his portable and home studios for keeping his phone ringing.

    "I just did a cut with a new Pussycat Dolls single," Stacks divulged. "And I think it's called 'Baby,' so check it out. I've been doing remixes here and there, and let me tell you, thank God for remixes. I wanna tell everybody who's been checking out the remixes and things like the John Legend song ["Green Light"]: In this day and age, those are the things that have kind of been keeping me alive. Because it takes me a while to record albums. I have to kind of build up something to say."

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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    Default Re: Andre 3000 wants you to call him Garbage

    i was reading that early...3000 is nice lol...i guess everybody needs that motivation for them to continue doing good.
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    Default Re: Andre 3000 wants you to call him Garbage

    He needs to drop that soon...

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