Over the course of the past three days, Charlamagne Tha God has been on a rollercoaster ride. On Friday morning (October 30) the Philadelphia-based radio personality snagged an exclusive interview with Beanie Sigel, who had just dropped a scathing dis record aimed at former boss Jay-Z the night before. Based on the amount of traffic Charlamagneís on-air exchange with Beanie got, his industry stock should have been pretty high. But earlier this morning, the outspoken jock announced via Twitter that he had been unceremoniously let go from his position at Phillyís 100.3 The Beat. Some rumors say that the Beanie interview had something to do with it, but XXLMag.com went right to the source to find out the truth.

XXLMag.com: How you feeling, man?
Charlamagne Tha God: Iím good, man. Everybody keep calling me talking about, ďAre you okay? Are you aiight?Ē Iím like, itís just a firing, itís just radio. I ainít get shot, I wasnít in a car accidentóitís just radio. [Laughs]. Thatís just the nature of the business.

XXLMag.com: On Twitter you said the station wanted to ďgo in a different direction.Ē What exactly happened?
Charlamagne: This morning, right after the show was over, the program director came in and was like, ďYo, can we talk to you.Ē You know how it goes down; they tell you, ďOh, we love you, we love everything youíve done for the company but we just moving in a different direction.Ē No reasoning [behind it], but itís always like that though. I will never know the real reason, but I can speculateÖ

XXLMag.com: You think it had something to do with the Beanie Sigel interview last week?
Charlamagne: I donít know, thatís what Iím hearing but I donít know how true that is. I donít see why that woulda been an issue. I would hope that the powers that be, like Jay-Z, wouldnít be that petty. But you never know.

XXLMag.com: This whole thing is crazy. Iím sure your ratings went through the roof after that Beanie interview.
Charlamagne: Yeah, my numbers were great. Iíve never had any disciplinary action, never been suspended, never been written up, never had any verbal warningsÖ As controversial as they say I am, Iím like a model employee. Any program director thatís worked with me will tell you that but thatís the way it goes in radio. Thatís why you gotta treat these buildings like the Carter, man. You go in, set up shop, do what you gotta do and burn it down when itís over.

XXLMag.com: Howíd you get Beanie on the phone anyway?
Charlamagne: When I heard the dis record come out to Jay, my mind is already thinking forward motion, like everybodyís running with the dis record, playing the dis recordÖ Thatís cool, but Iím more interested in why? Letís get to the root of the issue. Being that Iím in Philly it was a no brainer, it wasnít nothing to reach out to get Beans on the phone and he was happy to do it, like, ďOh, word, Charlamagne, not a problem. Thatís who I need to be talking to.Ē So he called and he just aired it out. What you heard on that phone call is exactly how it went down. I didnít even talk on the radio for like 38 minutes I was just sitting there listening to Beans.

XXLMag.com: Whatís your take on what Beans was saying about Jay?
Charlamagne: I mean itís three sides to every story. Itís gonna be Beanieís side, Jay-Zís side and the truth. But I really feel what Beans was saying, even though a lot of people will say Beans was a grown man and Jay canít hold his hand, but whatís the point of giving somebody so much opportunity if you donít really show them what to do with that opportunity? Itís kinda like when Wendy brought me to New York, they coulda brought me up to New York and just threw me to the wolves but, nah, they guided me every step of the way and still give me guidance. Ö

XXLMag.com: So if what Beans is saying is true, what do you think Jay shouldíve done differently?
Charlamagne: Jay-Z is an OG, man, and the Bible says the old men should counsel young men for war. There should never have been a point in time where he just stopped counseling Beanie Sigel. Yeah, you can give him a record label but what if he doesnít know how to run a label? You can give him a clothing line but what if he doesnít know how to run a clothing line? You can give a person a million dollars but what if they donít know how to manage money? I think that what Beanieís saying is very legitimate, I can understand Jay-Zís side too, like I gave him this and I gave him that but whatís the point of giving you fish and not teaching you how to fish? I can give you fish and you can eat for a day but if I teach you how to fish youíll eat for life. I donít think Jay-Z taught Beanie how to fish.

XXLMag.com: Still, shouldnít have all of this been handled behind closed doors rather than on wax or over the airwaves?
Charlamagne: Yeah, but thatís the nature of the world we live in now. The veil has been pulled off the industry, meaning that people canít hide anymore. The truth is revealing itself more and more every day. One reason is the Internet doesnít have any filter and another reason is because you have media personalities like myself who donít take sides. Iím not an industry person; Iím of the people. Iíma peopleís champion at the end of the day.

XXLMag.com: What do you mean by that?
Charlamagne: I do things that I know people wanna hear. Iím a fan at the end of the day so when Iím sitting down and I get a chance to interview these people Iím approaching it from a fanís perspective. It could sound harsh but thatís the way Iím approaching it. Iím not an industry person. Iím not here to sugarcoat things. Iím not gonna tell Cassie sheís a great singer because I wanna keep a relationship with Puff. Iím not gonna say, ďBeanie, no, I donít want you on the air airing out Jay-Z because Iím worried about Jay-Z performing at my concert.Ē I donít care about all that. Iím a man of the people not of the industry.

XXLMag.com: Whatís your next move going to be?
Charlamagne: Put it like this, the radio station is just one check. Thereís a hundred checks coming from a lot of different places so Iím just staying active. Me and [comedian] Lil Duval still doing the Hood State of the Union webisodes, Iím still writing for Ozone magazine, Iím still a street correspondent for Wendy Williamsí TV show, and I got a book coming out on Wendyís book imprint next year called Pull Your Damn Pants Up. But The Hood State of the Union that me and Duval are doing, youíre about to see it on a network. In a New York minute you gonna see it [on TV].

XXLMag.com: So youíre done with radio?
Charlamagne: The craziest thing is Iíve had four-five job offers in the past four hoursóever since I put it on Twitter. If the right opportunity presents itself Iím definitely gonna jump back in radio. I love doing radio, thatís my thing. I may have gotten fired but my tongue ainít get cut out my mouth and my voice still works so Iím fine.