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Thread: Bar Exam 2 Update

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    Default Bar Exam 2 Update

    I know everyone and their moms was looking for the release to hit today over at the plantation. I understand the frustration of delays, but to start talking wild **** is dumb. Itís crazy how much people will talk without knowing anything that is going on behind the scenes. Anyways, Royce is 100% done on his end and Green will be done before Thursday so expect it that night or Friday for sure for sure. We all apologize for the delay and you can expect a treat from Royce to make up for it. Iíll be dropping the artwork tomorrow and for the record Royce goes IN! Iíve listened to all the songs (before Green put his touches on them) and damn. Just, damn. Trust me when I say the wait is worth it. Here goes another joint off the tape produced by Green Lantern himself. Also, a track that Royce & Guilty did for the upcoming DJ Revolution album, King Of The Decks, dropping next Tuesday!

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    Props! i'm definitely gonna give this a listen
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