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Thread: A MUST LISTEN INTERVIEW: Beanie Sigel Interview w/ DJ On & On

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    Default A MUST LISTEN INTERVIEW: Beanie Sigel Interview w/ DJ On & On

    As the holiday has come and go, the same issues have survived in a time where people are meant to be thankful for what they have in their particular situations.

    Issues continue to spiral between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z as the Broad Street Bully continues to publicize the inner turmoil that was once a friendship

    During an interview with DJ On&On, Sigel is now stating that Jigga may have enlisted Nas to help him in the bubbling beef with himself and 50 Cent. Referring to the rumored sequel to “Empire State of Mind” the Philly native feels as though this will be the platform for his former boss to finally throw shots.

    “I credit him for the moves he make, but I'm nice at chess too. They say he got a record [that's] supposed to come out, the remix to that “New York” sh*t. He poppin' shots at me. He poppin' shots at 50. He put Nas on the record hoping that a n*gga will respond to it and come at Nas. Nas gon' come right back. He's not gonna hold no punches. He's gon' come right back. He should come right back, but look at the moves. I seen it.”

    The history books show a time when Sigel was playing the shooter for Jay during the battle with Hov and Nas. In regards to a round two, the rapper apparently has no worries as it is a road that he has already crossed before.

    “I'm not worried about Nas. I did that already. I did that already, in defense of [Jay]. I was there when dude was in the studio, on the couch, scratching his head under pressure.”

    The only problem with the beef is the fact that the war has been one-sided with words only coming from Beans and barely a whisper from Jay. He maintains that he is waiting a counterpunch.

    “I'm looking for a response. I know I'm a bully, but it ain't no fun if he don't swing back. Swing back, man.”

    He adds that, at this point, the fire separating the two cannot be extinguished so easily anymore. There is only one way for the issues to be put to rest.

    “We gotta do it televised now. It'll be over, but our face-to-face conversation gotta be televised because the public wanna know. They deserve to know. The people wanna know. You gotta understand, there was people across the world that were putting up that dynasty sign, who believed in that Roc La Familia.”

    As the saga continues, the soap opera drama is starting to look like a plea for attention from Beanie Sigel. The Bully might not be realizing how far ahead Jay might see himself now as opposed to the days when The Dynasty was intact.

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    Default Re: Beanie Sigel Speaks on Possible Jay-Z/Nas Alliance

    **** all the speculation... i'll just sit back and see where this goes...
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    Default Re: A MUST LISTEN INTERVIEW: Beanie Sigel Interview w/ DJ On & On

    Beanz is starting to reach now ........ assuming Nas will join in on this so-called beef ....... I don't see Nas getting in this ..... he already had it out with 50 and 50 never said a word after "MC Burial" ......
    And now Beanz wants it to be on camera if he gets to talk with Jay?! That's not gonna happen ....... Beanz is acting like an ex who doesn't wanna let go .......

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